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I hereby acknowledge that materials and information provided to me by IACDL are confidential information and may not be disclosed except to other defense practitioners. This information reflects thoughts, opinions, impressions and strategies with regard to previous and ongoing cases and, as such, is protected under the attorney client privilege and work product doctrine. The materials provided at seminars are licensed to participants for use in defense of criminal cases only, and any other use or distribution is a violation of copyright laws and the attorney’s ethical obligation. By signing this pledge, I agree to abide by this understanding and to keep all information privileged. My signature also indicates that I do not prosecute persons accused in criminal cases and I will report any change to this status immediately.

The IACDL listserv is a tool that aids and benefits the community of IACDL attorneys. The rules of the listserv must be followed for the protection of all, including our clients, to whom we owe a duty of confidentiality. Violation of the listserv rules may lead to removal.
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  • The listserv is limited to IACDL members and their staff only. You will not let others participate on the listserv or provide access to anyone outside the listserv community.
  • All emails on the list serve are to remain confidential and should not be discussed with or forwarded to anyone outside the listserv community.
  • In order to maintain the confidentiality of our cases, you must only provide as much information as necessary to receive input from others on the listserv, and avoid including information that could lead to the identity of the defendant and other protected information. See IRCP 1.6. Giving identifying information not only jeopardizes the potential confidentiality of your case, but potentially the confidentiality of the listserv.
  • All emails must be signed by the individual making the post or response.

Coeur d'Alene Seminar
Hampton Inn
Room Block:
September 21, 2024
Jackpot Seminar
Cactus Pete's
Room Block Code IACDL 102524 
October 26, 2024
Sunny Climate Seminar
Grand Hyatt, Kauai
November 8, 2024 
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Sun Valley Seminar
April 25-26, 2025
Sun Valley Resort 


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